photograph of Susan O'Shaughnessy

Susan O'Shaughnessy CTP dipl, RP
Registered Psychotherapist

Do you desire a better, fuller life filled with joy, love, security and peace? Are you in crisis; struggling with depression; overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, grief? Do you feel out of control or experience uncontrollable anger; have parent child or other relationship issues? Have you found yourself abusing alcohol or drugs; engaging in compulsive gambling; shopping; porn? Are you suffering from an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive overeating? Do you find yourself living in isolation with shame and or low self-esteem? Are you living with PTSD?

Is it your intention to develop a better sense of what your place in life is meant to be, better self esteem, which usually translates into more satisfying love relationships, better relationships with family and friends? Of course you do. Together, we can explore your internal world and, who you are, to understand what you need to develop as a vibrant, human being.

I also work with couples as an Emotionally Focussed Therapist (EFT) Together we uncover what informs your particular marital distress and discover the negative cycles within your pattern of interaction. EFT helps couples rediscover that sense of safety and love, which, I believe, is how it should be.

I invite you to visit my personal website, or my CAPT profile page for more information.

You can reach me by telephone at 416-659-2855 or use this form to contact me.