photograph of Rosa Bergman

Rosa Bergman CTP dipl., RP
Registered Psychotherapist

Therapy is a process where two hearts meet and where the client is encouraged to unfold and examine his or her life story. A therapist requires tenderness and maturity in working with clients, allowing the client to express, in his or her own time any number of emotions, so that healing and transformation can happen and they can begin to see themselves as unique human beings. Therapy moves clients towards accepting what is broken in them and finding hope for healing.

We all have barriers which prevent us from seeing the parts we don’t like about ourselves and from learning how to live with life’s challenges as humanly as possible. Reasons for starting therapy are many; relationship issues, trauma, addictions, anger, depression and anxiety, emotional numbness, disordered eating habits and self-defeating behaviours, are some of them. Depth psychotherapy can help clients open up possibilities and free themselves from old ways of being in the world that no longer serve them. They see there is the possibility of new responses, and they find new ways of looking at life and making decisions that are life-enhancing.

When someone comes to therapy, he or she has usually arrived at a crossroad in his or her life where a therapist can accompany them on the next phase of their journey.

Psychotherapy is a cooperative creative process between a person motivated to change and a therapist trained and skilled to assist in that change. Each psychotherapeutic journey is as unique as the individual who enters the process.

The relationship between the client and therapist is important for it is through that relationship that healing occurs. Rapport, alliance and trust are what give clients confidence and the feeling of safety, and in this environment they find the ability to change their lives for the better. New possibilities and choices open up before them as they come to know that they have a place where they can be themselves, where they will be listened to, perhaps in a way that they’ve never been listened to before. I work also with the awareness, in my practice of psychotherapy (‘the talking cure’), that our non-verbal communications are as important as the words that are shared.

In addition, therapy is not about achieving perfection or conforming to what others say you should be. It is about working with fears and limitations. There is no magical solution in therapy; it requires curiosity, courage and honesty. As a therapist, I am open to the mystery of life and encourage the client’s curiosity about him or herself and where they are going. I am patient when things are unclear. I am willing to hold the not-knowing until there is clarity.

I therefore encourage you are to enter upon a journey with a therapist who has already made her own journey. In a safe, supportive and quiet environment, I invite you to explore your life and your thirst for self-knowledge and self-expression. While discovering and expressing yourself in the presence of acceptance and empathy from the therapist, you can begin to celebrate your life in a way that has not been afforded to you before. You will develop the capacity to love in wisdom, to taste life, and to learn that life is not just a chore or a fight. You learn to build relationships and boundaries, while accepting both your strengths and vulnerabilities.

I have been practicing for over 20 years and consider myself to be an eclectic and seasoned psychotherapist. I have undergone extensive training in depth psychotherapy, and my tools include dream work, body awareness and trance/relaxation work. These techniques facilitate access to deeper thoughts and feelings of which we may initially be unaware. My particular history provides me with empathy and understanding of people from different backgrounds and cultures. In my 20 years of practice, in a safe, supportive and quiet place, I have provided my clients with an environment where they bring both their strengths and difficulties.

If you are interested in engaging in this life-enhancing, transformative and challenging process, I invite you to email me using the form or to call me at 416-964-7919 to ask any questions you might have and to arrange a free initial consultation. This is a very important decision for you to make and together we will determine whether this will be a good match for both of us. I look forward to embarking on this significant journey with you.

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