photograph of Rachel Fulford

Rachel Fulford CTP Dipl.
Registered Psychotherapist

Creative, accomplished people often feel a sense of emptiness, and struggle with relationships. You may have questions and conflicts about identity and what your purpose may be; or, you may wonder how to build connections and live a more fulfilled life. Speaking honestly and being heard can foster self-enrichment and discovery.

In our fast-paced world, we can default to old patterns and lose track of creativity and spontaneity. You have reasons for the patterns and choices in your life, and these are best addressed in therapeutic conversation, in a confidential setting, with appropriate boundaries, at your own pace.


The person who comes to my office with a problem also brings its solution, even if it seems inaccessible at first. I facilitate contact with your deepest wishes, needs, values, and fears, without judging or criticizing you. Although at times the work may be painful, it is part of building and (re)discovering a core of health. Your treatment goals will guide how we proceed.

Meeting at least once a week in person enables us to reach deeper layers of your story and your current struggles. Together, we can form an alliance over time, allowing us to be curious about the currents of aliveness that escape ordinary attention.

Psychodynamic work involves exploring the dynamics that play out between us and what we can learn about you and your psyche. You may carry and embody more of your history than you realize, and greater insight can help you move forward. We will keep your strengths in mind while we explore your concerns.

Warning: This work may result in an increased sense of agency in your own life.

You may reach me on my cell at 416.277.8000 or using the form below. However, no one can ensure absolute confidentiality of electronic communication.