photograph of Miriam Schacter

Miriam Schacter CTP Dipl. RP, BA
Registered Psychotherapist

Disruptive relationships and life events can continue to have distressing effects until they are safely supported and worked through. Our collaborative dialogue can help amplify personal resources and shared sources of support as well as discover perspectives and ways of being to find relief from distress or trauma.

Some questions people bring into therapy include the following: How can I face crisis in my life, relationship or family history? How might I find support for anxiety, stress, anger and depression? Why am I stuck in repeated thoughts and behaviors? How do we make sense of numbness or shame? How can I cope with life-after-injury, loss or diagnosis? Can I experience more satisfaction and wholeness?

Throughout our therapeutic process, I support and encourage your courageous strivings with dignity, humanity and compassion. If you're seeking therapy, let's talk.

Miriam Schacter is a Registered Psychotherapist, graduate of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy and has completed Level I of Trauma Informed, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses, and Traumatic Memory. Her practice is rooted in developmental and interpersonal approaches and draws from current understandings in the fields of psychoneurology and traumatology.

For more information, please visit my personal website, reach me by telephone at 416-536-5070 or use this form to contact me.