photograph of Melinda Upshur

Melinda Upshur CTP dipl, RP, BA
Registered Psychotherapist

You are here.

Searching for a therapist can be challenging. Perhaps you are wondering how you will ever come to know what therapist will be right for you. Many conflicting thoughts and emotions are likely to be present within you. Sitting alone reading about and viewing pictures of therapists is in stark contrast to sitting with a therapist and sharing yourself. Need or curiosity may be mixed with fear or trepidation.

There is only one way to find out if I am the right person for you. It is for us to meet and begin the particular conversation that is therapy. The essence of therapy is the experience of it. We will be two people together, talking and listening to one another, present to what is essential and important to you. Something unique within you leads you to search for this experience now. Trust that. From here you will find your way to say 'Yes", I am ready to begin.

I am here.

I completed my training at The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy and I am a member of CAPT. A lifelong learner, I chose to become a psychotherapist later in my adult life after varied career and life experiences. These include early childhood teacher, community development worker and parent. At the heart of these experiences is my connection to and deep interest in people of all ages.

In my practice I have the pleasure of working with a broad range of individuals; women and men both youth and adults. The manner in which we work together comes from your needs. We may begin with a present day problem. Over time the work will shift and broaden to encompass many aspects of your life. You will set the pace and the places we travel together.

I offer a private nonjudgemental space to explore yourself. The presence of another trained to listen and guide can be of great comfort. I believe in the possibilities the experience of therapy may open for you. I know from my own experience. It is an invitation to a deeper engagement with yourself, with others, and the world.

We will begin from where you are

When you are ready I will be there to listen and respond.

You can contact me at 416-457-1717 or use the form below.