photograph of Lynda Frewin

Lynda Frewin CTP dipl, RP, RMT
Registered Psychotherapist

Experiencing a life crisis, or suffering a sense of alienation from self, others and the world, are issues that affect an individual deeply. However the resulting pain and confusion offer an opportunity to question one's life and often initiates the decision to seek therapy. Within an evolving therapeutic relationship, one has the rare freedom and support, to explore the woundings that have brought one to this moment in their life. This private space, free from judgment and expectation, offers the possibility of healing and transformation.

My work is guided by the uniqueness of each individual, and honors the importance of the therapeutic conversation and relationship that we will share. The decision to enter therapy takes courage, but the process of finding expression for what stirs within is empowering, as is the profound sense of relief in discovering the stillness of one's core that is essential to wholeness. I am trained and work with PTSD, developmental trauma, structural dissociation as well as attachment injuries and interpersonal relational psychotherapy. Therapy provides the safety to work with unprocessed memory, and enhances resources to meet the challenges and joys of life, as well as the development of self-awareness and new ways of relating to self and others.

Our therapy sessions will support the process of understanding unconscious influences, the language of your dreams, and will help develop skills to live a more authentic life. It can deepen your capacity to struggle more effectively in your life, building resources to live more mindfully in the present so that you can shape and chose a future that is creative and not a repetition of the past. The therapeutic process develops a sense of self and fosters resilience; that is your gift to yourself. It is a profound journey and the importance of choosing a therapist is very significant, for this fit will be the ground out of which you will gather and explore the very essence of your being, your hopes and your dreams. A sense of safety in this relationship allows great possibilities and can help you live a richer and more meaningful life.

My work as a registered massage therapist for over thirty years influenced the decision to begin my training and education as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in 1985 at The Centre for the Training of Psychotherapy (Diploma CTP). I am a registered psychotherapist, a member of The Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT), and have been in private practice for sixteen years. I am currently pursuing Certification for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in the work of trauma, structural dissociation and relational injury. I also co-lead a trauma oriented therapy group that meets once a week.

Please feel free to contact me by phone at 416-635-0263 or email me using this form so that we can set up an initial consultation. My office is centrally located at Dupont and Spadina.