photograph of David Westbrook

David Westbrook CTP dipl, RP, MA
Registered Psychotherapist

Our efforts to protect ourselves from painful feelings often lead to greater suffering. Fleeing from our emotional truth, we unconsciously perpetuate the very distress we seek to avoid, repeating unhealthy relationships or self-destructive patterns of living. We may find ourselves overwhelmed by anxiety, anger, despair or emptiness, feeling like our lives are not our own. It takes courage to explore our feeling-life and face the emotional truth of our past and present. Psychotherapy offers a safe, reliable and uniquely human environment in which to cultivate future possibilities of integration, spontaneity, creativity and self-realization, to fully inhabit life.

Being an effective psychotherapist requires the compassion and insight that comes only from personal experience. I bring the fruit of 17 years of personal psychotherapy, including 11 years of group therapy, and over 2 decades of study to a practice grounded in the psychodynamic (psychoanalytic) and existential (Daseinsanalytic) traditions.

Please use the form below to contact me vial email, or you can call me at 647-977-5887. You can also visit my profile at Psychology Today for more information.