photograph of Dana Kelso

Dana Kelso CTP dipl, RP, MBA, BA(Hons)
Registered Psychotherapist

Hello, and thank you for stopping in to take a closer look. No matter how difficult, even impossible or hopeless your present life seems, having another person look with you at your situation begins to bring new perspectives.

Our work together begins with you just talking about whatever is troubling you. Everything you feel drawn to speak about, be it big or small, is important. You may find that this very act of sharing your pain with someone who is listening carefully to you and is not judging you, begins to offer some relief. Over time, I expect that you will also want to talk about your strengths, your hopes, and your fears. Together, we come to know you better. As the therapy relationship becomes safer, you may find yourself reaching new levels of honesty, both with yourself and with me. As we spend time together, I will also be listening for the unspoken, the out-of-awareness. This is helpful because so much of us is unknown, and of unfathomable depth and influence. You may have had glimpses of this part of yourself through flashes of intuition, your dreams, or if you have noticed yourself acting in ways that surprise you, either to your delight or dismay.

As you begin to change...

With time and attentiveness, the underlying, unconscious issues that have been getting in your way begin to show themselves. This is an important step towards change. Our shared goal in this creative process of working with your deeper levels is to help you to find more of yourself, so that you can begin to live a life that is more satisfying to you, and that is more truly your own.

About me

My work life began in the corporate world, where I spent sixteen years in human resources, five at the executive level. In my quest to pursue my growing passion for working one-to-one with people, I then spent nine years offering leadership and resiliency coaching to individuals within the corporate context. During these corporate years, I had begun to gain such profound relief from my own struggles through a depth therapy, that I became committed to developing myself so that I could offer this same benefit to others. I therefore entered the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in 1996. The practice of therapy truly is my life’s work, and I have had the pleasure of helping people of all ages, and from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Please use the form below to contact me vial email, or you can call me at 416-323-1498. You can also visit my personal website for more information.