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Janie Kim

We all have our struggles—feeling uneasy and ill-equipped to face the many challenges life brings. At times these challenges can limit and overwhelm us. Psychotherapy provides a unique relationship that takes these challenges as opportunities to reach towards a sense of personal freedom …

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Susan O'Shaughnessy

Do you desire a better, fuller life filled with joy, love, security and peace? Are you in crisis, struggling with depression, overwhelmed by anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, parent child relationship issues, isolation, and or low self-esteem. Is it your intention to develop a better sense …

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Lynda Frewin

Experiencing a life crisis, or suffering a sense of alienation from self, others and the world, are issues that affect an individual deeply. However the resulting pain and confusion offer an opportunity to question one's life and often initiates the decision to seek therapy …

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Linden Ramdeholl

If you are struggling, and find yourself on the edge of life, self-destructive/risky behavior can be imminent. A strong therapeutic alliance can safely anchor and assist you to change explosive tendencies …

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Susan Hunter

It seems to be, that part of being human is to get stuck sometimes. Despite our best intentions, we fall into bewildering ruts- we repeat frustrating patterns that make us, and often the people we love, unhappy. Talking with a psychotherapist can help you get unstuck, and back on the path of more vital, satisfying, creative living.

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Christine Werbski

People come to therapy for many reasons. A person may have experienced a life-changing event. Perhaps a loved one has recently passed away. Perhaps they are struggling with alcohol and drug problems or other health concerns. We decide to seek support and understanding when we want to begin to discover ourselves, and to understand who we are …

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Sarah Byck

If you are struggling with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, or have problems forming and maintaining relationships I can help you. Understanding your patterns of behavior and how to manage and change them can bring a renewed sense of well-being …

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Dana Kelso

I imagine that you are experiencing some kind of emotional pain, and are looking for someone to help you make sense of it, and to work through it. Whatever your struggle, a depth therapy is a very powerful and effective means to find your way through to a new place of self-understanding, greater self-acceptance, and hope.
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Ann LeBlanc

Emotional pain can be a heavy burden to carry. We can work on lifting this burden together. My approach to this work is to respect of all parts of you, those that the world readily sees and those that can remain hidden. As we navigate this process together, I will work to provide a safe space for you to heal.

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Rachel Fulford

Creative, accomplished people often feel a sense of emptiness, and struggle with relationships. You may have questions and conflicts about identity and what your purpose may be; or, you may wonder how to build connections and live a more fulfilled life. Speaking honestly and being heard can foster self-enrichment and discovery.

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