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Janie Kim

We all have our struggles—feeling uneasy and ill-equipped to face the many challenges life brings. At times these challenges can limit and overwhelm us. Psychotherapy provides a unique relationship that takes these challenges as opportunities to reach towards a sense of personal freedom …

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Susan O'Shaughnessy

Do you desire a better, fuller life filled with joy, love, security and peace? Are you in crisis, struggling with depression, overwhelmed by anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, parent child relationship issues, isolation, and or low self-esteem. Is it your intention to develop a better sense …

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Linden Ramdeholl

If you are struggling, and find yourself on the edge of life, self-destructive/risky behavior can be imminent. A strong therapeutic alliance can safely anchor and assist you to change explosive tendencies …

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David Westbrook

Our efforts to protect ourselves from painful feelings often lead to greater suffering. Fleeing from our emotional truth, we unconsciously perpetuate the very distress we seek to avoid, repeating unhealthy relationships or self-destructive patterns of living …

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